Relap installation manual

Before installation check if you have og:image or you’ll get problems with displaying images.

To determine headline, description and images which will be shown in the box, we use Open Graph Protocol (OG).

It is very popular and widely used to determine name/image and so on in sharing posts in social media.

We know which image to show in recommendations from tag og:image

<meta property="og:image" content="http://site/path/to/picture.jpg"/>

Installation goes on

After registration:

1. Enter your domain in this form in your account:

2. Enter Relap-script into tag <head></heаd>:

Attention! Do not install widget code on the main page, sections page, contacts, etc. This lead to incorrect displaying materials in widget box. 

3. You have to wait until your domain will appear in the list of authorized domains in your account:

4. Select the domain that you need and add the widget to. It will appear in the list of added widgets:

5.Launch the widget:

If you want to install standard or side widget, you need to:

6. Go to widget settings:

7. Copy anchored code and paste it where you want widget to appear:

If you’ve experienced any problems. please, look through the FAQ page. There you can also contact our support.


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