General issues

What is Relap.io?

Relap.io — is a recommendation engine integrated into a website. Its appearance is similar to  “Read also” , “You may also like” and other similar widgets. We personalize recommendations relying on users’ behaviour. After reading one article users will certainly read another one, thanks to Relap. 

What Relap can offer?

We tailor recommendations to users’ interests. Users notice greater number of interesting articles and, therefore, look through greater number of pages. Audience’s loyalty rises. Stranded becomes loyal readers much faster.

Who are already using Relap.io?

Our partners are:

More than 700 websites in total.

Are you working with E-commerce?

Yes, some shops are already using our product – it works on the same principle as websites with content. 

How does Relap.io work?

  • Relap — is a suite of self-learning algorithms that analyse users’ behavior.
  • In simple terms, Relap works like this: a user comes to a website in search of  thedollar exchange rate, trailer for Christopher Nolan’s new film and pictures of pandas. It means that when another visitor comes searching for exchange rate and the new film’s trailer he will likely want to look at pandas pictures. Why are we sure? Because of collaborative filtering – one of many Relap basic algorithms. And it’s not the only one: we have 10 more.
  • Geolocation, user’s browser, device from which she enters a website and many other factors enable us to provide recommendations with greater precision.

How much time will installation require?

About 10 minutes.

What is your profit since you’re offering your service for free?

We show native ads in our widget among articles. Then we split income into two halves – one goes to the website and another is ours. You can participate in monetizing too.

Will your box appear at the mobile version of a website?

Yes, our widgets use adaptive design. It will adjust its size to the mobile screen.

Where can I check out widget’s statistics?

Statistic can be found in your personal account.  CTR, number of impressions, number of clicks and  most clicked articles are available to you.


Do we have to install anything on our servers or it’s all on yours?

All the processing is done on our servers. You only have to install our scripts.

Does Relap.io affect my website’s position into search results of Yandex, Google, Yahoo and other search engines?

Relap improves page view count, average session duration and since search engines use these metrics Relap your website will be higher in search results

What code do I need to integrate into my website?

You’ll need to insert two scripts.

  • Relap head.js script indexes your website and collects users’ publicly available data
  • Anchor script is what displays widget. Alternatively you can integrate widget using CSS selectors.


What are the advantages of native ads?

These are ads that look like usual articles. They are far less annoying for users and provide positive experience.

Buzzfeed, NewYorkTimes, HuffingtonPost and other leading media actively use native ads.

Native ads CTR is 30 times higher than that of usual banners.

It looks like this:



What advertizing model do you use?

We use cost per click system. Cost for click varies from 1 to 15 rubles. Sites with more than 300,000 unique users earn from 100,000 to 200,000 rubles per month with Relap.io.

How do I cash out?

Each month we transfer your money to your bank or e-payment account. Also we support Paypal and WMZ.

What are the Terms of use?

We have an in-depth description here:


How do I enable ads?

At the Monetisation section in your Relap account click the button so it changes to ON. After some time ads will appear in widget. You can configure number of ad slots in widget settings .


Will I have an access to any monetizing statistics?

Yes, you can see all information at monetisation page

How do I disable ads?

Click a button in monetisation section. When it changes its status to ‘OFF’ ads will disappear within 10 minutes. 

Problem solving

Why hadn't the widget appeared on a website?

There may be several reasons:

  • You used wrong anchor script.

  • You forgot to enable the widget

  • You used wrong or incorrect CSS selector

Widget does not display any pictures/ display wrong pictures.

Check if you have  ‘og:image’ tags. Much like other services (social media for example), we take thumbnails from these meta-tags (for more detailed information about og-tags see ogp.me).

If you don’t have open graph protocol on your website, our fetcher will take the biggest picture from page. 

Why do the widget show images of the wrong resolution?

To be correctly displayed images should be at least 200 by 110px. If images in og:image tag has lesser resolution or the biggest image on the page does not satisfy the requirements (in absence of og:image) — thumbnails will be stretched.

To fix the problem, please, provide og:image with proper resolution images.  

Widget is displaying wrong headlines/descriptions

We work with headlines and descriptions like with images — using og-tags. If they are absent, we will take a headline from ‘title’ markdown and description from ‘description’ markdown.

How do I eimbed og:Image?

Place the following tag in html-code of the page:

<meta property="og:image" content="http://сайт/абсолютный/путь/до/картинки.jpg"/>

It is much preferred that unique images arewill be associated with all recommended pages..

I’ve had installed the box, but it does not show any recommendations

Check if the widget is installed on other pages of your website. It must be at least on two pages or our system will simply have nothing to recommend.

Check if you had installed widget following the  instruction.

Visual appearance of the widget

I don’t want to show any images, I need a block filled with text only

In your account( Relap.io/widgets) press the gears pictogram near installed widget and remove the check mark from “Thumbnails”.

I want to change the size of the images

In your account ( Relap.io/widgets) press the gears pictogram near installed widget: in “Illustrations” item you can choose from different formats.

Default font doesn’t suit me, can I change it?

Yes, in widget settings you can choose from several different fonts.

Can you make fully customized widget for my website? How much will it cost?

Yes, we can, but only for websites with traffic with at least 20,000 unique users per day. It’s free.

How do I change the number of columns and rows in a widget?

You can adjust these in settings.

The functionality of customization of visual appearance is not enough for me. I have this idea...

We are always glad to receive feedback. So, if you have any propositions, contact us.

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